Monday, 8 August 2011

MPs: Still Morons

From The Guardian

MPs on the House of Commons home affairs select committee are to conduct an enquiry into the rioting in London amid fears that a "toxic mix" of poor policing and social deprivation are to blame for the worst violence in the capital in decades.

Oh for fuck's sake. We've had decades of blaming social deprivation and poor policing for criminality. At some point, you have to wake up and smell the fucking coffee and realise that these little scrotes are just standing behind this shit. "It's not my fault that I robbed that old lady, it's society's". How much money do we throw at "community policing", turning a blind eye to minor criminality just to make sure that the policeman's everyone's pal, rather than dealing with that shit?

Mark Reckless, a Conservative member of the home affairs select committee, said: "I have been really surprised by the scale of this and its persistence. I am really disappointed because I thought we had advanced so far in terms of dealing with these types of issues – having proper investigations of shootings, having much more caution in the use of lethal force, having much better links with communities where the police have previously had issues. I just hope this is not going to set back community relations and the vast strides I thought the Met had made."

What a fucking chump. We don't even know yet what happened in this case, and he's talking the usual pathetic mantra of community relations.

The whole problem is that politicians and the judiciary have been too easy to explain this behaviour away based on their own views. They don't view violent little scrotes as people whose behaviour needs to be dealt with - they're victims of society. I was hoping that maybe the politicians would realise that despite all the millions spent on "community projects", all the excuses, all the attempts at "community policing" that it isn't fixing the problem, it's reinforcing it.