Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eastleigh Prediction

1. Lib Dems win
2. Cons 2nd, by not much
3. UKIP take enough votes that they split the vote on the "right"

Monday, 18 February 2013

Olympic Legacy Costs

From the BBC
Six months on from the London Games, the grand promise to inspire us to becoming a fitter, sportier nation seems to be on track.
According to Sport England's latest edition of the Active People survey, published just before Christmas, there's been a 750,000 increase in the number of people playing sport once a week in the last year.
Considering the survey is generally around 15m, that's around a 5% increase. Not much of a "grand" increase.

But let's consider the cost, shall we...
The Olympics cost £11bn. As a result, we got an extra 750,000 people playing sport. So, for each of those people playing sport, it cost us £16,000. Might have been cheaper just to build them each a swimming pool.