Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rail Fare Rises

From the Guardian
Rail fares have risen again above inflation, sparking protests nationwide. The government claims it's a 'complicated issue'
Really, it's not. It's a simple matter of maximising revenue. If you can fill a train with people paying £120, why would you fill it with people paying £110? Arguably, it would be better to allow the companies to remove the cap and just find the right price they want to charge.

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  1. The same with buses. Around here the buses run empty because they charge £2 to travel 5 miles or half a mile. I'm sure they'd make more money if they charged, say, 25 pence per half mile.

    Mind you, it's the same with the post. 50p for a second class stamp? I used to buy loads of stamps and now I don't buy any. So how do they make more money from that? Baffles me...