Thursday, 29 October 2009

That's One Way to Make Yourselves Look Clean...

MPs Plan Wife Swap to Get Round Expenses Rules
The wives, husbands and other family members currently employed at the tax-payers' expense plan to apply for jobs with other MPs as a way of dodging the guidelines expected to be recommended by Sir Christopher Kelly next month.

It's going to be like that, is it? So, rather than actually understanding and sincerely responding to the rage felt by your constituents by following the spirit of the rules rather than the letter of them, like the "honourable gentlemen" (and ladies) that you should be, you're going to try and get around them, are you?

Watch this like a hawk, people. My guess is that MPs will start buying flats and renting them to each other, too.

Eve Burt, the wife of Alistair Burt, the veteran Tory MP, has worked for her husband for 27 years and is his current office manager. She earns £33,500-a-year and has questioned whether people who have contracts can suddenly be made redundant.

Excuse me? £33,500 for being an office manager for an MP? Someone to manage 2 or 3 staff who have to answer a few constituents calls and copy and paste some letters from central office? shows that people doing office manager jobs (in free market businesses) earn somewhere around £25-28K for that in the Bedfordshire area.

Not surprising that MPs don't want this cushy deal to end any time soon, is it?

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