Monday, 15 February 2010

Why You Should Vote UKIP

You could vote for them, but after reading today's Cameronbollocks about co-operatives, you might as well not. Vote UKIP. Even if Labour get in, it's not bad news.

Here's the situation:-

If you vote Conservative, you get David Cameron with his woolly grip on pseudo-Conservative / psuedo-LibDem of policies. He's barely going to dismantle the state and in 5 years time, might be kicked out and replaced with another Labour PM and 5 years of taking the economy into disaster.

Even if you vote UKIP and get a Labour MP, there are benefits. The main one is that Cameron will get the boot along with most of the lightweights in the shadow cabinet. We get a robust Conservative opposition to 5 years where Labour utterly destroy their credibility. But also, you register where you feel British politics will go.

Don't compromise... Vote UKIP.

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