Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Best/Worst Prime Ministers

From The Daily Telegraph:-
Mr Brown, who was Prime Minister for less than there years, scored just 3.9 out of ten by the 106 academics specialising in politics or history.
Both Margaret Thatcher (6.9) and Tony Blair (6.4) were also highly rated.
The accumulation of record government debt was seen as Mr Brown's biggest failure while he was also criticised for not calling a general election in 2007.
He scored negative ratings for the economy, society, democracy and foreign policy.
Mr Blair was found to be a major benefit to society and the constitution.

Just a minute... a lot of that "accumulating debt" might have been with Brown as chancellor, but if this is a poll that's being carried out about what's being done on the PM's watch (buck stops here etc), then Blair is equally, if not more culpable than Brown in this regard.

Now, I don't wish to defend Brown, but Blair did some pretty smart timing - the train derailed during Brown's time as PM. The fact that Blair overstoked the boiler and didn't check the brakes is barely noticed.

Personally, I consider Blair to be a real rotter, a devious man of little character and in it for himself. Benefit to society and the constitution? Trying to lock people up for 42 days? Bringing in some of the worst aspects of the surveillance state? Introducing the smoking ban?

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