Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's time...

To all ladies and gentlemen of a small government persuasion:

This blog requests your presence back on the blogs. Wipe your monitors, dust down your keyboards and express yourself for Harry and St George.

We've seen the electorate do the decent thing of booting out the last bunch of ne'er do wells, a high spending group of bansturbators keen to raise the police state and control your lives. We have since that day rested easily, content that this lot wouldn't be as bad.

I put it to you ladies and gentlemen that while not as bad as the last lot, this lot are now showing themselves to be almost as bad as the last lot. We have recently seen Cameron agree to shovel large amounts of cash at the EU and at Ireland, but the tipping point, what has brought this call to blog is Andrew Lansley new White Paper.

For while the Conservatives are talking society, they are walking in the same footprints as the previous government. We are to see the government introduce minimum pricing for alcohol, the pointless blank labelling of cigarette packets and introduce rules on business to provide time, space and fridges for breastfeeding mothers (like small businesses really need some extra regulatory burden). Apparantly, this will be up to 2 hours a day.

What do these fucking chumps think they're up to? Do they think I'm going to hire someone in this country and risk getting a woman who could take a year off work, who I then have to keep a job open for, only to then have them taking an hour and a half out of their day to express milk, to get some office space just so they can do that and pay for refrigeration? Fuck, no. I'm going to hire a Mahir or a Ranjita in Hyderabad who's going to not only work for a fraction of the price, but is going to be working when I pay them (yes, I expect a little goofing, but not 25% of the day).

These are not our friends. They're barely going to be less bad than the last lot. It's time to awaken from your slumber and get angry at them.

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