Monday, 28 May 2012

Most people are anti-monarchy

From the Daily Mail

Among all the gifts that will be presented to the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee, perhaps this will be most treasured.
The monarch’s popularity is at its highest for at least 15 years, a poll has found, with affection for the Windsors rising following the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding last year, and ahead of the Jubilee.
Sixty-nine per cent believe the country would be worse off without the Royal Family. Only 22 per cent think the opposite, that Britain would be better off without them.
OK, sixty-nine percent of people believe the country would be worse off without the Royal Family. Hereditary principle, continuity, God's chosen ruler.
Despite solid support for the monarch across all ages and classes, the latest poll revealed that the public are anxious about what will happen when the Queen’s reign ends.
Of those surveyed, 39 per cent said they want Prince Charles to be king.
So, 39%, or less than half of all people in this country support a hereditary monarchy. If people took one step beyond "let's have Will instead of Chuck", they might realise that we could pick anyone we liked as Head of State in a democratic election.

The monarchy is a childish belief, driven by empty, suspicious drivel like tradition or fear of the alternative. That nearly half of its supporters have thought so little about it as to completely contradict themselves suggests that their support for the institution is easily manipulated and could easily go the other way and see the end of the institution.

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