Thursday, 5 July 2012

Women's Tennis

But the chairman of the Women's Tennis Association Stacey Allaster said she could not believe anyone "in this day and age" would think both sexes should not get equal pay.
She said: "Tennis, including the grand slams, is aligned with our modern, progressive society when it comes to the principle of equality.
"I can't believe in this day and age that anyone can still think otherwise. This type of thinking is exactly why the WTA was founded and we will always fight for.
The WTA is an organisation that provides women's leagues, which is basically, to allow women to compete and win because the odds of ever beating the top men are about nil. It is, by design, discriminatory, designed to allow weaker players (by virtue of sex) to win. Yet, it believes that it should earn as much as men, despite the fact that it can't compete with the men.

I have another beef with women's tennis which is that it's now just a bad version of men's tennis. All the grace and beauty of the women's game has gone, replaced by power players and grunting. 


  1. I have always said that womens sports (when segregated from mens) is blatant sexual discrimination. A man ranked outside the top 100 male tennis players could make a good living on the womens tour, if not be a champion many times over. Why can he not do so? Because he's a man of course! He has the requisite talent, just not the correct genitalia. If that isn't sexual discrimination I don't know what is.

    All sport should be gender free, and open to anyone who is good enough. Equality cuts both ways. If the skill/dedication required to be a doctor or lawyer is not dependent on gender, neither should the skill to be great golfer/tennis player/athlete/footballer etc.

  2. Sobers,

    I don't mind them having a separate league, but you can't then say that you should be treated equally.