Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hardcore Profits

Unsurprisingly for the BBC, here's a series which is basically anti-porn. Surprisingly is just what a fucking hatchet job it is.

The main thing about tonight's programme seems to be about investment, and ethical investment. Now, I can understand that someone might not want to invest in say, Larry Flynt, but the examples given were ridiculous. They included companies like Vodafone or Amazon, and then went on to do a really nasty bit of reporting about Amazon.

The Amazon report included the fact that they'd bought hardcore porn from Shocking really. Except that it wasn't Amazon, but a 3rd party seller, and they'd been suspended before the report came out. In other words, Amazon had done about as much as they possibly could.

Now, the fact is that you can look at almost any product and say that churches shouldn't invest. If you buy into a bed company, then some of the people who buy them will use them for fornication. If you buy into almost any food company, they will sell alcohol. How far do you go?

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, up comes that complete fuckwit Richard Murphy to say that companies don't like to talk about how much money they make from porn and should have to reveal things so their shareholders understand what is being done, despite the fact that that's never been part of what accountancy is about and that people always have the option not to invest in companies because of a lack of information.

It struck me as a one-man anti-porn crusade to try and bully people to get rid of porn, despite the fact that will never work. If someone stops buying shares in hotels because they supply porn, then someone else will. There's plenty of people who don't have a bung up their arse about this.

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