Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good Things That Labour Have Done

One of the things that some political types can't seem to get with me is that I have no political loyalty. UKIP currently get my support because on balance, I prefer their policies to anyone else (and I balance this against the pragmatism forced on me by the wretched FPTP system). Someone comes out with a better balance of policies and I might go elsewhere.

But I thought that fair's fair - there's some things which Labour have done which have actually been quite positive amongst the sea of shite. So, here's a brief list of things off the top of my head:-

1. Liberalising the licensing hours
2. Proposing more building on the London greenbelt
3. Allowing gay sex at 16 and civil partnerships

I would have added:-

4. Independence of the bank of England in setting interest rates, but as the whole area is a massive cock-up, I don't know.
5. Lowering cannabis to class C, but the idiots have gone and reversed that.

Any other suggestions?

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