Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Not Letting Matters Rest

From The Telegraph:-

It was the referendum, however, that had to be dealt with first. “Blair”, “Brown” and “Labour” were the key words here, with Cameron keen to associate broken promises with anyone other than himself.

Well, that was a waste of 3 words. We know Blair and Brown are cunts of the highest order. They're yesterday's men, and we're looking at the possible successors and what they might do.

So the first Tory promise was really quite simple: “never again”. This is a message, Cameron said, that will appear in the Conservative election manifesto. If he is the next Prime Minister, a Conservative government will attempt to ensure that that there will be a British “referendum lock” to which the British people had the key – any future EU treaty will be voted on, in other words, following Ireland’s example.

One everso teensy problem you've got there, Dave: Ireland has a written constitution. We don't. Whatever you promise, Labour can come along and tear it up. Then again, the Conservatives seem to blindly think that we can rely on the monarch to protect us from tyranny.

Britain would look further afield for inspiration on other fronts. There will be a new “United kingdom Sovereignty Bill” along German lines which would make it clear that ultimate authority rests in the British parliament.

That sounds suspiciously like the amendment that Bill Cash put forward at the time of Lisbon being signed, the one that David Cameron didn't vote for. I'm sure he'll give us all one of those iron-clad guarantees about this...

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