Monday, 22 March 2010

David Cameron (Part 253)

I never know what to make of David Cameron and there's a number of interpretations of his behaviour. A favourite one of the more Thatcherite wing of the Conservative Party is that he really is a proper Thatcherite, but you'll just have to sit through all of this waffle and once he gets into power, he'll start slowly turning things around. Another is that he's genuinely more of a social Conservative.

But I'm tempted to say that the guy is a massive fool who has happened to have got the job because of 1 Newsnight programme, raised the polls because he looks nice in a suit and no-one is going to oppose him.

Because ConservativeHome is reporting:-

CCHQ has confirmed the story IS true. The Trade Union Modernisation Fund will continue if Cameron becomes Prime Minister.

I don't know what shit a Conservative would have to be on to continue with a programme to channel taxpayer's money into trade unions (and therefore into the Labour party). Setting aside the obvious political advantage of putting Labour out of business, there's a bigger ideological point that this is people's hard-earned cash and if they want to give it to unions, that should be their choice.

The Cons seem to be staggeringly naive. Cameron appears in The Graun occassionally, despite the fact that you are, at best, going to get a few dozen readers to convert. Likewise, no-one much likes the unions except for hardened socialists.


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