Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Excellent Religious News

From The Sun:-

A JEDI believer won an apology from a Jobcentre which threw him out for refusing to remove his hood.

Star Wars fan Chris Jarvis, 31, was told he would have to leave if he did not take it down.

Chris is a member of the International Church of Jediism - based on the sci-fi films - whose doctrine states that followers should be allowed to wear hoods.

But when he protested, security escorted him from his local branch in Southend, Essex.

He filled out a complaint form - and received a formal letter from the JobCentre Plus branch's boss just three days later.

Wendy Flewers apologised, adding: "We are committed to provide a customer service which embraces diversity and res-pects customers' religion."

Of course, if he was a real jedi, he'd have pulled a mind trick and she'd have ignored his hood.

This is, of course, complete fuckwittery. But what's rather splendid about it is that creates yet another exception based on a religion. So we'll have so many, from major religions, to jediism, to followers of Gordon Gekko and Tyler Durden. The more people can bury the system in crap, the sooner the system breaks down.

The eventual outcome is a good one: no exceptions. Religion, as something which the state can interfere in disappears and people make their own private choices.

And don't tell me I can't drink at my desk. I'm just a follower of Dionysus.

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