Monday, 21 June 2010

Times Paywall

I was tempted to log on to the Times Paywall to read something of Caitlin Moran's (about Paywalls). I wouldn't waste your time.

In a nutshell, it was a general whine about how great things were in the 20th century, how she had bills to pay, how no-one expects to get solid products for free like they do creative products. The irony is that no-one said "what are these typesetters going to do about getting fed". The Times just booted them out as a result of technology.

Let me restate this point: The reason that journalism is struggling to pay the bills is that they ask too much for too little. If you're not stunningly good at it (and 90%+ of opinion columnists aren't), then you're competing with the rest of the blogs who are doing it for little more than AdSense revenues.

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