Thursday, 3 March 2011

The "Councils Still Have Plenty of Money" Project

From Metro:-
A cash-strapped Southampton council has hired artist Will Rosie to help people decorate their wheelie bins.
This is the council where the leader said back in November 2010 that
"Some services will be reduced and some will go altogether. We will have to make difficult decisions and we will have to focus on services that are valued most by residents and businesses.".
It doesn't matter how you cut and slice it, if you spend money on an artist to decorate wheelie bins, even if that's 1 penny, then that's 1 penny you can't spend on meals on wheels, parks, pavement repairs or whatever else.

So, here's my proposal to anyone reading: let's find as many of these as we can, and see which councils are really cutting back to the sort of core services they should be providing. Let's see how many are really cash-strapped and how many actually seem to find the money to piss away on projects like this sort of nonsense.

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  1. This one's a pretty good one: Northamptonshire County Council agreed to spend £2 million on a new "business partnership, complete with two full time staff to lobby in Brussels, at the same meeting at which they agreed £73 million in cuts.