Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cranmer's Comments on the AV Letter

From Cranmer:-
Of course, if this reform passes, it is unlikely that the Conservative Party will ever again form a government: we will have perpetual coalition, with the Liberal Democrats forever cast as king-makers.
I couldn't care two hoots if the Conservative Party gets elected again or not. They're one of the 3 elite parties in this country that I want to see respond more to what the people in this country want, rather than just doing as they please. And AV will bring more players to the table and force them into doing so.

Secondly, we have no idea what would happen under AV because voting behaviour changes, because tactical voting almost evaporates. In some seats (like in the South West) it may even be that the LDs are beneficiaries of FPTP, as they're either the main or 2nd candidate.
The fact is that AV would mean that most general elections would result in hung parliaments, which take power away from voters and deliver it into the hands of politicians, who then proceed to negotiate deals behind closed doors, resulting in a government and a programme for which not a single person voted.
And of course, parties always deliver what's in their manifesto, never meet with their backers behind closed doors or pass legislation to keep certain wings of their party happy. Right...

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