Thursday, 7 July 2011

Euro Flags

From The Northampton Chronicle and Echo
EUROPEAN officials have been condemned for fining the University of Northampton more that £56,000 for failing to display the Euro flag outside the college.
It has been revealed in Parliament that the university was fined £56,477 for not displaying the European logo on a board outside the college’s Newton Building in St George’s Avenue.
The fine was imposed by European officials because money from the European Regional Development Fund had been used to fund new facilities inside the Newton Building.
And that's the whole point of these projects. To have lots of EU flags around showing off how nice they are by funding things. It's about making you think the EU are the good guys. You could probably burn the money and they wouldn't care, but you'd better have that flag.
The fine has been labelled ‘astronomical’ by the Conservative MP for Northampton North, Michael Ellis, who said the money should be paid back to the university immediately

Tell you what, vote down the EU, join Better Off Out, switch to UKIP, or Shut The Fuck Up. I despise two faced tories over Europe. They'll talk tough until it comes time to act, when they make sure that Britain bends over for Brussels.

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  1. Agreed.

    A commenter over at the Daily Mail pointed out that if UK bodies which accept EU funds are supposed to fly and EU flag, then seeing as the UK is a net contributor, the Union Jack ought to be flying over EU-funded projects all over Europe as well.