Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

OK, here we go...

1. Get fit(ter). I seriously have had a good reason for not doing it this year, but I've no excuse next year

2. Sort my garden out. Again... I had good reasons last year.

3. I will not get into arguments with Apple Fanboys, especially when they just plain lie about Windows. Really, I don't care how much you love it... I'll be spending my money on something better.

4. To build an Android app to do something.

5. To develop something called "Project Winterbourne" that's been burning a hole in my head for 6 months (secret at the moment).

6. To watch far more movies than I have this decade.

7. To listen to all the tracks that I have in iTunes that have never been listened to. That's the equivalent of about 4 days of solid listening...

8. Get some photos published on a stock photo site.

All entirely realistic. Except maybe the Apple one...

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