Wednesday, 26 May 2010

From John Redwood's CGT Letter

26th May 2010:

The government has said it wishes to assist a substantial private sector led revival, and wants to see the enterprise sector create more jobs and homes for rent.

28th April 2010

The Conservatives have stated that if elected to government they will abolish regional planning quangos and the regional housing targets that require Wokingham to build on this scale. The Council would under these proposals be free to draw up a new local plan with less development in it. I would urge them to draw up such a plan keeping the sensitive greenfields adjacent to the existing settlement free of new building, and to take into account transport and flooding constraints on housing numbers.

So, John Redwood wants more homes for rent, just not in his back yard.

One of the reasons I supported centrally imposed regional housing targets is that no-one wants to have houses, nuclear power stations or sewage plants built in their back yard and left to local authorities, you'll get never get any of those built anywhere.

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