Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blair on Fox Hunting

From Farmer's Weekly
In his memoir, A Journey, Mr Blair said he deliberately sabotaged the 2004 Hunting Act to ensure there were enough loopholes to allow hunting to continue.
Describing the act as a "masterly British compromise", Mr Blair said it left people able to hunt foxes "provided certain steps were taken to avoid cruelty when the fox was killed.
He also told then-Home Office minister Hazel Blears to steer police away from enforcing the law.
This reinforces my view that Blair is a wretched, dishonourable man who is about nothing but Tony Blair. He introduced the fox hunting law for no other reason than as a sop to the class warriors of the Labour party to help promote himself in power. Yet he actually had no moral desire for such a law, and now that he's long out of office and can't be affected by showing it's a sham, will do so.

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