Friday, 3 September 2010


Town Hall planners have used new powers to throw out “garden grabbing” plans to build homes on a country lane.

The planning committee on South Ribble Council rejected the plans to build six two-storey detached houses on land behind a home on Marsh Lane, Longton.

Committee member Graham Walton said: “This amounts to garden grabbing and we have been given an opportunity to do something to stop this happening in a beautiful area like Marsh Lane.”

And building 6 houses on this land is going to turn it into downtown LA. Right?

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  1. I lived in the wilds of Scotland for a time. A small village not even large enough for a church.

    Then came three "self build MFI houses.

    "It is not going to turn it into downtown LA. Right?" Three weeks later, after friends visits and the "Ooooohhh...ahhhh. HOW beautiful it is here, came another five MFI houses. Then another three. Then they wanted a pub and a chippy, and a local shop and...and...and...

    I left after five years of this, and the place was starting to look like....well down town L.A. in a paculiarly Scottish highlands sort of way.

    So DON'T say iztt does not happen, and DON'T dismiss it as "oh it is only six...."

  2. Furor,

    Do you have a link, grid location or name of this village?

  3. Anywhere along the Glencoe Fort William Road. Two spots in particular were Ballachullish and North Ballachullish, near Onich, just over the Ballachullish bridge, direction of Fort William.

  4. Furor,

    Some people living in Ballachullish are half a mile from open countryside. It must be like a living hell.

  5. May have escaped your scant attention, but where down town L.A is was not DISCOVERED in that state.

    Any Aye, half an hour away IS a living Herl when it is as a result of city scum who only live in those houses two weeks a year.

    Burn them down is what the locals should be doing. Preferably when the owners are IN them.