Monday, 11 April 2011

Cameron on AV

From the BBC

He said: "It's a system - AV - so undemocratic that you can vote for a mainstream party just once, whereas someone can vote for a fringe party like the BNP and it's counted three times...
"It's so unfair that the candidates who come second or third can end up winning."
Results of the first round of voting in the last Conservative Leadership Election:-
First Ballot: 18 October 2005
David Davis6231.3
David Cameron5628.3
Liam Fox4221.2
Kenneth Clarke3819.2
Kenneth Clarke eliminated

So, the result of that election was that David Davis was elected leader, right? Oh, no.

You see, for some reason, people could vote more than once for a Conservative leader (with candidates being removed in each round) and candidates who come 2nd or third can end up winning.
Yet Cameron hasn't stood down for being elected in such an undemocratic manner. This makes him a hypocrite.
As for the "people who vote for the BNP get multiple votes", this is just lies, designed to scare you. You get 1 vote. The choice you get is like someone in a pub asking you if you fancy some nuts and saying "I'll have dry roast, or salted if they don't have them". When you get salted, how many packets of nuts do you have? You don't have two, do you?

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  1. He is a lying f-.

    Everybody's ballot paper gets counted exactly the same number of times, it's just that some people's ballot papers get shuffled between piles.