Monday, 11 April 2011

Ian Gilmore

From The Express,
In fact, so many parts of the body can be damaged by alcohol that it can become a difficult public health issue to communicate. All the evidence is that the best way to reduce consumption is through price and most experts agree this is best done by minimum unit price.

How did alcohol ever get labelled as a "public health issue", when it so clearly isn't? It's a private health issue. Drink too much and you damage your body, not mine. That's not the same thing as things like people not getting vaccinated, where the effects of their actions affect others, which we could genuinely call public.

And yes, lots of people drinking use lots of NHS facilities. While I don't get so lashed up that I need to go to A&E, collectively, drinkers more than cover it. So, Dr Gilmore, kindly go back to treating us, and remember you are our servant, not the other way around.

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