Thursday, 13 August 2009

Illegal Spice

Before anyone starts to panic that this is a story about an old band reforming, I'm referring to the government's idea to make a "legal high" called Spice illegal.

Now, I know that there's perhaps a potential risk of harm to people and all that, but wouldn't it be better just to let it run its course and see what happens. as a bit of a social experiment? See if it does become a serious problem, if the hospitals end up full up with the victims of it or not?

We already have a legal psychedelic drug in this country: khat. It gets flown in and consumed by Somalis and Yemenis. Society has not collapsed because of it.

Let it run its course, give us more data and I'm sure it will show that on balance, legalising is worthwhile. Or at least, the data will inform us better.

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