Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Rest of Us Spend Our Own Money

BBC Spends £11,000 on Leaving Party for Jenny Abramsky

The BBC spent more than £11,000 of licence payers' money on a leaving party for executive Dame Jenny Abramsky, it was revealed today.

After 39 years of service, the former director of Audio & Music was thrown a lavish do at BBC Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House.

The extravagant celebration included a food and drinks bill of £8,130, £575 on invitations and £1,320 on event management, according to figures quoted in the Daily Telegraph.

So, an £11K party for 540 guests for someone who's leaving?

In the big long list of "things you're doing wrong", one of the first is doing anything for people who are leaving. You don't have to stop them leaving (obviously) or motivate them in any way.

OK, I'm not against a send-off, but the fanciest one I ever went to was for a head of IT at a large company. His send off was in the big conference room, and the catering staff put out glasses of champagne and orange juice and some crisps and nibbles. It certainly wouldn't have cost £20 each to put that on. The "event management" would have involved his PA sending out an email to everyone.

'After such a long period of distinguished service many people wanted to show their respect and appreciation for Jenny's outstanding contribution to the organisation and this was reflected in a guest list of 540 who were invited to the event.'

If you want to show your respect and admiration, do it with your own goddamned money, not mine.

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