Monday, 6 July 2009

Fake Charity Spot

I know that every blogger does these, but maybe if we keep posting them, someone in the mainstream media might just get this.

Today's little offering is: Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation.

You just have to look at the beautifully photoshopped photo to know that deep in the depths of the accounts it's an FC, so let's take a look at the numbers.

Now, they say that they received £446,000 of "Voluntary Income" out of £691,000 of total income, but of that, the following were received:-

1) £300,000 from Sport England (who distribute national lottery money).
2) £6,000 from Sport Scotland (like 1) )

and of the "Consultancy Fees", £84,000 came from the "ESC Lottery Fund" (English Sports Council).

There's a few accounts items like "Gender Equality" which I can't trace, but we can say that at least £390,000 of £691,000 has come from the state.

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