Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Fawcett Society

I know that Mark Wadsworth has had his bit of sport over The Farrah Fawcett Society, but in a moment of boredom, I decided to see what Wikipedia had to say about the Fawcett Society and its naming.

I know some readers may already know this, but here's a few things from the Wikipedia page about her:-

1) Fawcett wanted equal rights for women (like the vote). Not special priveledges.
2) Fawcett was a free trade liberal
3) Mostly left politics once the vote had been secured.

Go onto the Fawcett Society website and there is no mention of her book Political Economy for Beginners. You can read it here, but as a snippet, try this:-

The economic defects of Socialism. There are many economic objections to be urged against socialistic schemes. In the first place self-interest, one of the most powerful ot all the incentives to exertion, is only partially operative ; a
man will not work with the same energy and zeal if the results of his labour are to be shared by the whole community of which he is a member, as he will if he is able to
secure the whole fruit of his toil for himself and his family.

That's basically Thatcher, isn't it? And hardly in accord with the Fawcett Society who recommend that the government:-

Ensure both women and men are entitled to earnings-related leave to encourage men as well as women to take it up.

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