Thursday, 16 July 2009

Reap what you Sow...

I see that the RMT are going on strike in East Anglia, despite the fact that we're in a recession and that National Express offered them an above-inflation salary rise.

The problem of nearly all industrial action is that it ends in tears. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually.

There's a thing in business that happens with some suppliers. They'll get their servers/vehicles/photocopiers into your business, and then try and exploit the fact that you have to go back to them. It works in the short term just fine. In the long term, however, it stores up resentment which means that when they can ditch you, they will.

Striking railwaymen? Well, for starters there are people who might have been thinking of getting a car who now feel "tipped" towards getting a car. And once they've got the car, they might decide to not use the rail to get to work. So, there's some customers gone. It might also encourage a few more companies to fit more technology for remote working and once they discover how well that works, they might get even more staff doing it.

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