Sunday, 26 July 2009

I can't see this failing... oh no...

From the BBC:-

The article says a new "points-based" test for citizenship will credit applicants if they have set up home in parts of the country in need of increased population.

Scotland has been singled out by the Home Office as a place where points could be earned, because its own population is likely to fall over the long term.

This really isn't going to work. If people aren't coming to Scotland, it's because the package of salary, proximity to other places, weather, beer quality etc isn't good enough.

The immigration minister is obviously thinking that if they encourage more immigrants to Scotland that this will solve their depopulation problem.

What it will actually do is the following: immigrants will come to the UK and get themselves some work in Scotland. They'll then stay there for as long as they have to to prove that they're settled, at which point they'll leave Scotland.

End result? Yet more immigration in England.

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  1. Good work!

    That's another crappy policy demolished by the eternal law of unintended consequences.

    On a personal note, my first wife later got married to some Arab nonce, who hung around for exactly two years, which is what he needed for permanent residence visa (in the country in which she lives), and then he pissed off, never to be seen again. A coincidence? I think not.