Thursday, 30 July 2009

Twin Towns

This mayor in Doncaster is right on the money:-

THE NEW mayor of Doncaster has hit back at critics who said he'd 'isolated' the town when he scrapped its twin town links.

The mayor is spot on with this. Twinning makes no difference in terms of business.

Mr Davies was asked to explain his decision further at a full council meeting this week. Independent Coun Tony Brown said his decision sent out a worldwide message to towns and cities that Doncaster was 'closed for business'.

Idiot. Most business carried out by businesses is business they get on their own by their own efforts. Despite living in a town twinned with a town in Germany and one in America, I've had no business from either. I did nearly do some business with a business in Minnesota once, though.

The mayor said twinning had nothing to do with business because it was a concept started after the war to foster friendship between towns on the continent at a time when people didn't take foreign holidays.

And probably served a useful purpose of reconciliation and cultural exchange. Then. Today, you can download French rap music, buy bottles of Alsace Gewurtztraminer from Tesco and fly to Prague for less than a train to London.

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