Sunday, 12 July 2009

Remember... These Moronic Bastards Will Be Gone Soon

Whatever else you can say about David Cameron's Conservatives, I have little doubt that as of June 3rd next year, we'll see a rather quick unwinding of this sort of crap:-

Labour is opening up a new front in its obsession with equal rights. It wants to stamp out prejudice against... Northerners.

OK, this sounds like a bit of dog-whistle politics to keep the heartlands voting Labour. All those people who sit on their arse blaming the south for their lack of a job, despite there frequently being jobs in the neighbouring town*.

Mr Foster was challenged by Yorkshire MP Meg Munn to stop people from the South East dominating the boards of public bodies based in London but that have a national remit.

Can you just hear yourself, Ms Munn? Can you?

London is in the South East of the UK. Therefore, it's more likely that they're going to employ people from... the South East.

But the other thing is that it's Ms Munn and her colleagues in the Labour Party who have done this. They've taken the money from people's pockets in places like Sheffield and inflated the size of government by creating numerous pointless quangos and fake charities with London/South East offices. Roll back the state, and you'll see a lot more power devolved back to Yorkshire.

* At the time that I did some work for a client in Warrington, they had almost no unemployment despite it only being 20 minutes on the train from Manchester.

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