Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Opera on TV

You know how whenever there's an argument about the BBC license fee and how there's always the claim of "but without the BBC, you wouldn't get things like opera on TV and Murdoch just wants to pump game shows into your front room"?

Sky Arts to broadcast live opera from Glyndebourne

Sky Arts has also acquired television distribution rights to show the Glyndebourne opera series for the next four years.

That's high quality German and Italian opera, in the original language including subtitles. And Handel's Giulio Cesare is quite an obscure opera at that.

If Sky can do it without subsidy, we don't need the BBC to provide it by forcing single mothers to cough up for it.

I rather like that Sky and Glyndebourne have done this, seeing how neither of them depends on the state (Glyndebourne receives arts funding to do some touring, but if that was cut, they'd survive quite happily in their current location).

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